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We have extensive industry experience and knowledge that we are eager to share with you to provide customized elevator solutions that best suit your unique needs.

At ESI we strive to prove to our customers every day that we are incredibly organized and consistent, reliable, hard-working, resourceful, creative, are excellent and timely communicators and are truly singularly focused on delivering exceptional service to our customers.

How can we help ?

Elevator Modernization and Construction

New installations or modern renovations to keep your equipment current and benefiting the public with shorter wait times, shorter travel times, and improved ride quality at every stop. Whether you are looking to install a new elevator, upgrade your entire system or phased in over time, we will design a modernization strategy for your unique needs.

Elevator Maintenance

Planned and executed routine maintenance to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently. We customize a program for your building, communicate it, and execute it well. We are up-front on maintenance coverage, billing rates, and all costs as technology and industry standards change.

Elevator Service & Repair

Whether you are in need of a minor repair or a customized equipment improvement program, we will send experienced IUEC mechanics to address your equipment with excellence and attention to detail. We are driven by safety, quality, honesty, and on-time service – we show up when we say we will and won’t surprise you with additional proprietary investments.

Elevator Testing

Equipment evaluations with tools, technology, and experienced technicians for optimal efficiency and safety. We provide all testing required to meet state and federal regulations and will complete state violations within an agreeable timeframe once we debrief with your team.

Metro Elevator

Map of companies

We proudly serve the Midwest area of the US. Our companies are located in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota.